Sheer means see-through!

I had unbuttoned her top and slid it off her back. I threw it on the floor absentmindedly as I stared at her bra. It was like no kind of bra I’d ever seen before. It was all lacy and colourful. Kind of like the tat on her shoulder – blueish.

I kissed her neck softly and ran my hand up her side, sliding over the soft lace. I made my move and grabbed a handful of boob. She murmured softly so I circled my finger around her nipple. It started to get hard.

Her hands moved down my body unbuckling my belt. She tugged and worked, but, it was all tangled up. I got up off the bed and ducked out of my clothes in a flash.

She rolled over, undid her jean button and slowly, real sexy like, wiggled them down her bottom. Her round soft looking bottom. I asked her to hold on a sec, I wanted to get a good look at this. Her panties were see through. Wow! This woman has some sexy underwears. I felt an urge, so I moved in, grabbed her hips and pulled her toward me – underwear and all. My dick slipped on her smooth panties, slipped right into the crevice of her ass. Oooh, it was nice. Too nice. I slid a few more times and before I could stop myself I went for it, I grunted and told her to hold on because I was going to cum on her near invisible unders.



Sorry about the mess

“Sorry about the mess”, he says to me.

Secretly, I loved the feel of his warm manjuice on my chest. I loved that I got him so hot that he couldn’t hold back and he shot it all over me. It was so dirty, in that great way.



Ride ’em

When she is on top, in control, I don’t mind at all.


With lotion on her hand she grasped my hard-on and slid down. Then up. Then back down. The lube was amazing. But, it was the view that made things hot. With each stroke her breasts were like waves curling in a storm. Back and forth. Her soft stomach jiggled with each pass. Her hair like grass in the wind. Alright, enough literary talk. Her tits jiggled and her skin was soft. Her nipples were pink and big, just the way I like ’em. Her fresh shaved puss was smooth on my thigh. And, the naughty look on her face made me know she was going to mount me any moment. I just had to hold back coming in her hand. The next move was hers. I love when she is in control.



I’m not sure how we got here, but, it was quick. I didn’t even get a chance to pull off her panties. Which was ok, I just pushed them aside and entered her hot, wet, pussy. I reached out and pulled them to the left. I wanted to see my dick going in and out of her. I wanted to see her asshole winking at me. Hey, she was in control of the pace, slowly going up and down, moaning as she did. Least I could control was the view. So, I took advantage.


The Back, The Caboose, The Booty

It is a turn on to bare it – to the right person. It is a turn on for that right person to take in the curves, the softness, the sexyness. That right person was sitting on the couch watching sports-something. I wanted his attention. I wanted him to tackle me. I wanted some physical contact.

I tiptoed around the corner to the stairwell. I slipped off my top, unstrapped my bra, and wiggled out of my shorts. I left on the lace lined panties. I had put on this morning with intentions in mind. I had been thinking about this all day. Under those panties, just past my soft mound, was a hot wet mess – that needed some attention.

I took time getting into the right position. I wanted his eyes to meet my…curves. I climbed a few of the stairs and called him.

My fingers hooked the sides of my underwear, and I slowly peeled them down. The air touched my exposed cheeks and I felt a rush. Baring myself was getting me wet. I heard his footsteps close in. I leaned over…



“It’s chilly in here,” I purr.

He looks at me and says, “well then, I’d say put on a sweater, but, you have one on. I’ll go check the thermostat.” He starts to walk away.

Almost too urgently I say, “No! Wait! I think I know how to heat things up.” I pull back the blanket to reveal my pantless legs.

“Roll over,” he orders.

I roll to my side and let him take it all in.

“Pull them up,” he whispers.

Slowly I pull the panties up, feeling them slide into my crack. Then I feel his face brush against my lower thigh. His hand on my other thigh pushing. I lift my leg, obeying his desire, and I feel him get closer. His breath tickling my hair. I want him to push his tongue on me, but, he wait inhaling. I start to gyrate hoping to incite some action. My juices were flowing, I could feel them.

Then he makes his move. His tongue moves up and down my panty lined crotch. I want skin on skin, this teasing is too much. I reach back and pull my panties aside. His tongue goes in, dipping deep into my soaked pussy. I push back trying to get it deeper still. He pulls back and slip up into my ass. He circles my asshole and I whimper.

His hands are now on my thighs. His pushes make me flip over. He pushes my legs apart, spread as far as they can go. Then he moves back in for more pussy. His wet tongue and my wet juices make loud sexy noises.

I’m not chilly anymore, I’m on fire.


I lean over and grab a handful of soft jelly-like flesh. Mmm. I grab the other side. I push. Her cheeks spread and I see where the fabric slips in. Her pinched bum is only partially covered, and the folds of her pussy flop over the black velvet. It looks damp and hot. I move my hand across the soft curve, down the hill, and gently over her asshole. I trail a finger down, down, and find I am right – it is damp and it is hot.




Sexy Pictures and Hot Words



She kept telling me how her hormones were raging b/c of her pregnancy. I walked into our bedroom to find her slipping off the last layer of defense – her pink panties. A wet, hot, reward awaited.


I felt his eyes on me. I could feel his heavy breathing. I knew I should feel shame, the musty smell coming from me was strong. I knew his face was only inches away. And, how long had it been? Days since I’d cleaned; had a proper shower; shaved…but, roughing it in a tent didn’t allow for such pleasures. It did allow other pleasures. I knew I’d feel them in seconds, in this hot tent…would it be tongue? Fingers? Both!?


How did we get in this position I couldn’t say, but, as I looked down I thanked the gods. The soft skin of her tits dangling and brushing over my cock was unbelievable. I wanted to push them together – bury my dick in there – and squirt on her chest. But, her mouth moved closer to my hard on and I knew she had other plans.

Pictures that inspire some hot words!

Sometimes the pictures inspire us story tellers.

She brushes her hand across her stomach and stops. Her fingers search down an inch until they feel warmth through the floral fabric. Her thumb tugs at the elastic, ready to expose her secret.



He stares at the curves. It’s primitive and something deep down in him. The curve of the back, the curve of the front, they push his body to react. He wants to reach out, caress his hand down the soft bump on her front to the pink. He wants to reach out and feel the skin that is dented in the rear – that soft forgiving flesh. He want to slip his hand underneath the skin tight cotton and find even softer areas.


That moment she starts to expose herself. His face is level with the show – he eagerly anticipates moving forward, brushing his whiskers against her freshly shaven pussy, and taking his time…


There is something about red hair that ignites a fire in a man. As his eyes follow the lines of the red, down, down, to the lumpy bottom, the intensity grows (as does his cock) – he will want to bend her over and the matching soft downy mound will make┬áhim wild! Maybe even before he drive his hard-on into her moist folds he will shoot his load and spread it around the opening with his head. He’ll blame it on the red hair.



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It was almost as if I were a cheerleader, now that sounds wrong eh Diary, and my encouragement made Dave go for that touchdown. He sped things up, pulling me even faster into him, and causing all sorts of wonderful noise to filter through the room. With the new movements I had to reposition my hand, but, luckily I found the perfect place for it. On me! I was so wet that my hand practically swam through the folds of my labia and found that little spot – right at the top – that sparked even more waves of exhilaration to shoot like lightning through me. My self pleasuring down below, Dave’s penis sliding in and out of me, combined with his fingers gently prodding in the back, was almost too much for me. It felt like there was something happening anywhere and everywhere back there. All of this wonderful contact was overwhelming my senses and I could not concentrate on one specific spot, which is usually what I do. But, Diary, I couldn’t stop. It was better than anything I had ever felt before. I just let go and went with it. I let the feeling wash over me and let the pleasure build and build. Until it blew!

Diary, it was fireworks, a parade, a picnic, all wrapped up in one. I came on a scale I never have before. All of that built up tension and excitement from the day. Starting early in the morning with that picture of Dave’s boxers. Then the excitement from posing and sending those pictures of my naked body. Then the visit with Pinky. Not to mention all of the banging. The loud, rough, slapping of our two bodies together. Then to top it off, two hands and a penis at once, all working different jobs. It was like it all came out of me in this body blowing half minute explosion. I matched Dave’s stride as he filled me up, as instructed, sorry Diary. Then we both collapsed on the bed panting and sighing.
Like I said Diary, I am feeling satisfied now, but I am going to be hurting in the morning. A good hurt, of course. Needless to say, I am exhausted and need to get to bed. To sleep, but, you never know? Actually Dave is on his laptop doing work stuff, so chances are slim to none and slim just left. Anyway, I will talk to you tomorrow if I get a chance. Dave has planned a dinner at Cooke’s Cafe and since it is Friday I will be drinking wine. You never know how long we will be out if the wine is good. Good night.